About Us

About us B2B is a company, specialized in creating and implementation of complete outsourcing solutions in the IT sector, services in the field of human recourses and optimization of business processes for small, medium-sized companies and startups.

We are your reliable business partner that you can trust to for managing the IT processes in your company, of all activities, related to human recourses and operations that guarantee the optimization of the business processes, leading to the strategic success of your business.

B2B is a member of ICT Cluster Burgas, a branch organization, uniting the outsourcing companies in the field of IT services and the services of business processes optimization.

The benefits for your business if you choose the outsourcing solutions of B2B

Saving money

By engaging B2B as an outsourcing partner, you will have the opportunity to focus on your business. It will be no longer necessary to hire additional staff, to change the functional structure of your company and to spend recourses in order that your company could cover important branches, related to expanding the business model. This will be our job, saving you in such a way significant potential costs at realization of preliminary planned financial benefits.

Saving time

Time is the most precious business asset and we can offer you solution that can save your precious time. It will not be necessary to spent time to plan and cover activities that are not basic in your business model. Leave it to us. We will make each one of the parts of the necessary processes – from consultation to realization.

Choosing B2B to be your outsourcing partner, you are saving costs and generating higher incomes at the same time.

You hire team of experts who can guarantee the highest quality of services

There are only experts with long years of experience in their field of work, working at B2B, complying with the established international standards, which can guarantee you the highest quality of the services performed.

You have the opportunity to fully focus on developing your business, not on some peripheral, concomitant processes.

Enhancing the efficiency for operative and business processes

When a team of experts is closely involved with the defined activities, the efficiency is much greater and therefore the result that is achieved is a maximum quality of the services performed.

Transparency and measurability of the results

There are always certain reserves when you start working with a new outsourcing partner, but we, the B2B team, have built up a system of mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners, in which the entire information for the activities performed is available and actual at any time and we periodically give reports and analysis of the results that we have achieved according to the preliminary set targets.

We, at B2B, know that business can be developed and achieve success only with the right business partners. That is why we have chosen the best specialists in the field of IT, HR and BPO; we have invested years in gaining experience and knowledge, in order to be the best business partner that you can have.

Our vision is related to covering our basic principles of work:

  • Your business goals are also our goals

  • We take the full responsibility and risks for the operative activities that we have to perform

  • Guaranteed loyalty and confidentiality at fulfilling the commitments

  • • We are oriented towards fulfillment of our commitments to the business model of your company and this is a main priority for us