Business Processes Optimization

Optimize the business process - do not lose the control over your business!

You need freedom to focus on the essence of your business? We offer you an effective and cost efficient solutions for optimization of the business process in your company. You could rely on us about the whole process related to the expenses management, making bank and non-bank payments, receiving funds on accounts and other operations, that guaranteed complete control over the cash flows and that we allow you to focus on the business development.

The benefits for your business if you chose B2B for a business partner about business process optimizations?

We work with clear definite obligations and responsibilities, divided between us and your company

We provide a comprehensive concept from the beginning to the end of the project, with detailed long-term and short-term goals for the smooth running of the individual processes and process connectivity

Easy measurement and visible result achievement according to the pre-set goals

Accurate and loyal execution of the definite goals, that will reduce the company’s expenses

To optimize your business, you need a proper resources allocation, good planning and grading of the priority axes of your overall business. We offer you complete solutions to optimize the business processes in your company for making and receiving payments as well as overall business accounting so that you can focus not on operating activities but on innovation, which lead to the desirable business growth.

Leave the operate process of payment and duties receiving, documentary clearance and accounting of income and expenses to our professional financiers and accouters and concentrate your main business resources on the significant process of your business progress to become a leader in you market field.

What we offer you?

Income, payments from the customers and the whole type of cash flow to your company are the basis of the existence of your business. Working with B2B as an outsourcing partner for collecting the payment from our clients, partners and other players obligated to your company will help your company generating income, increasing profit and establishing operational financial stability in your company.

You can totally trust our team of experience and professional specialists to take control over your company's credit line, will perform the tasks of taking the obligations within the required timeframe and under the conditions set. Everything with the idea of developing your business and making all your resources worthwhile.

We provide a wide range of services, related with banks and non-banks account receivable and you could delegate the responsibilities for the whole financial receipts operative process to our team.

See how we could help your business maximum effective, reliable and sure way if you choose us for your strategic business partner?
  • We will permanently and safely reduce the operating costs of human resources
  • Guaranteed we will minimize overdue liabilities and optimize the control over it
  • We will significantly increase the cash flows and credit claims flowing into your company
  • We will minimize bad credits
  • We will completely eliminate the attached credits
  • We will track the progress of the predefined receiving targets regularly
  • We ensure operational transparency in fulfilling our commitments
  • Complete document filing and control of the overall documentation
  • We provide detailed weekly reports for the activities carried out and the analysis of the results against the pre-set objectives

We have professional and effective approach in order to ensure your comfort, time and resources to focus on the strategic advantages and benefits of your business. That is why we are fully dedicated to all the activities, related to the account payable operative process for the corporative obligations.

Start optimizing the business processes in your company by sharing the responsibility for paying your costs and obligations with us!

What we offer?
  • A drastic reduction of human resources costs, related to the account payable activities.
  • Elimination of predefined regular expenses
  • Crustily increase efficiency
  • Risk minimizing and permanent real-time control
  • Reduction of inconsistencies in invoices and financial disputes

Trust our experienced team of accountants who will assist you in all processes related to your company's general accounting. When you decide to work with us and entrust us with your company accounts, you will be sure how efficiently and quickly we deal with annoying bureaucratic formalities, statutory and accounting requirements.

Our specialists deliver general accounting services, shortening cycle times, reducing rework, automating tedious processes, and lowering the risk of negative legal and financial consequences arising from inaccurate reporting.

The operating principles we follow are based on the increased efficiency of operational accounting processes by automating accounting and reporting operations, which has an impact by reducing the operating costs of accounting. We work on reducing the risk of negative financial and administrative consequences, as well as the reduction of the existence of errors in reports or other types of documents and enhancing the quality of the entire spectrum of interrelated processes in general corporate accounting.

Our General accounting solutions include the following
  • Preparation of a comprehensive accounting policy and corporate accounting strategy
  • Аccruing and accounting for income and expenses
  • Reporting andaccounting of assets and liabilities
  • Preparation of accounting balances and reports
  • Posting of distribution processes and delivery processes to supermarkets and other retail network objects
  • Closing or acquiring businesses, buying or selling shareholdings
  • Full internal company accounting
What can we guarantee by hiring our accountancy team?
  • Loyalty and confidentially
  • Focus on the prosperity and the business development
  • The highest level of professionalism, ensuring high quality of the entire spectrum of accounting services
  • Professional team fully dedicated to your business needs and goals
  • Posting of distribution processes and delivery processes to supermarkets and other retail network objects
  • Minimizing bureaucratic barriers as much as possible
  • \
At risk of repeating we will only say the success of your business depends on the far-sighted management decisions and, of course, reliable business partners. Choose B2B for your outsourcing partner in terms of your operating accounting to ensure you are on the right path to your business growth!