HR Outsourcing

The most valuable business resource is people!

The success in business is achieved when you find the right and highly motivated people, when you succeed in making them work together as a team and constantly increase their motivation and desire for professional development. We, from B2B will help you to build this most valuable business resource – highly qualified and enthusiastic team.

How shall we help you?

By finding the right people to work for you, we will provide them quality training and re-training, appropriate working environment and additional stimuli, we will build a team working atmosphere and we will bind your employees with the company values.

If you are a startup, a small or medium-sized company, which is developing quickly and follows the market needs and cannot allow itself to waste time for hiring, managing, training and administrating the employees, but at the same time you need the best employees to start working for you right away, then you need our partnership.

We, the team of B2B, offer you not just outsourcing of the services, related to human resources, we want to be your reliable and professional business partner.

  • Invest in the right employees that will help you develop your business
  • You transfer the legal and the administrative risk to us
  • Saving time and money
  • Focus on the strategic level of your business development
  • • Invest in the improvement of your products and services!

Why should you trust B2B to be your external supplier of HR services and as professional organization for hiring employees?

Team of experts with long years of experience and knowledge in the field of hiring people, staff administration and management

Combined and innovative approaches for employee selection and assessment of the potential and their skills

Flexibility and adaptability in relation to the concrete processes in the industry

Using contemporary approaches for motivation and development of employees` potential

Correctness and loyalty when presenting all HR services

Our approach is entirely defined by the needs of your business and follows the preliminary set business goals

Our services

1.We collect candidates` documents and make profiles in accordance to the indicators that you have defined
2.Select candidates, on the basis of CVs, motivation letters, recommendations and other resources
3.Organize and make interviews by the team of HR experts
4.Placing the selected candidates in simulative working environment and testing their skills and abilities
5.Work proposals
6.Introductory tuition and trainings

You can entirely rely on us for all these processes, and as a final result we can guarantee you that you will have the best experts in the respective field working for you and their personal planned achievements will completely match the goals of your company.

Why should you choose us to recruit the employees that are the right your business?

• You will just tell us what your requirements are and we will find the best employees, regardless of the sphere and the position.
• We have reliable multistage systems for evaluation of the personal and the professional qualities of the candidates
• We use multiple sources and approaches, in order to identify who the best potential employees for your business are
• You have a guarantee of 3 months that the candidates we have chosen will work for you in the most effective possible way.

Expanding your business will always require planning of distribution of employees, hiring new people, and this requires a lot of resources such as time, money, HR personnel, involved in the process. When you do not have such resources, and you should concentrate on your business, that is moving forward quickly, you can rely and trust us to hire the employees that you need and adequately help you in expanding your business organization, without feeling the distraction of the lack of sufficient human recourses, and you get all this when you need it the most. Just tell us what your requirements are and within just a short period of time we will provide you with the profiles of the perfect employees for your business, we will collect their documents, we will organize a few interviews, including testing in simulated working environment and we will offer you the candidates that are the best for you.

If your business needs new employees, just call us!

Managing talents is not just a modern HR term. There are fields in which the business needs talents, employees, who combine rich professional experience, and professional talent and skills at the same time, and who can be rarely found on the labour market. These are those people, whose work can send your business lightning years ahead and who are so difficult to be found and kept, and only the best HR professionals can handle such situation. If you are looking for the best experts in your area, we can help you because we have already found and kept talents in many companies.

Hiring, motivating, developing and keeping the talents is a business strategy which always leads to success and returns what you have invested in multiple ways. Hiring top talents in certain area will guarantee you definite advantage in front of the competition, because you have the best experts in the field and this is the most valuable asset of your company. The investment in professional talents in your field is an investment in the future of your business.

How shall we help you in order to find your talents?

  • We will identify the best experts in your industry
  • We will study their professional development, ambitions and interests
  • We will invite them for an interview in order to find out if their professional plans match the business goals of your company
  • We will make them an irresistible offer, in accordance with the opportunities and the policy of your company
  • We will do our best to put enough professional challenges in front of them, so that they will be motivated all the time to climb more and more professional peaks with their abilities.

Integrate the management of talents in your business strategy with our full cooperation, and we can guarantee you that you will achieve your business goals much faster and effective than you have ever expected.

When you are the best in your field, you should constantly maintain this level in order to keep up with the new things in the sphere and constantly improve and optimize the business processes in order to achieve optimal results. .

In regard of this, we offer you the full range of documentary and operative services, related to administration of your employees and all processes, associated to staff management. Concentrate on the business in order to become the best and leave us the annoying, administrative work of management and documentation of all activities, related to staff.

We will take care of the effectively and optimally for the following activities:

  • Forming and management of the employees` files.
    Preparation and collection of all documents, related to the hired employees: CVs, diplomas and qualification certificates, recommendations, HR expert assessments of the professional experience, acquired professional and personal qualities, professional competencies, interests and desired areas for professional development.
  • Working lists
    Maintaining the working lists of the employees actual is an important part of the process of management of the employees. Collected data is used not only for forming the payment under the established order, but as information for the devotion of the employees towards the work, which can also be a reason for creating certain forms of recognition by the company management.
  • Forming and administration related to staff documents
    From forming and registration of employment and civil contracts, to forming of patient’s chart and holidays, we will take care for the entire range of documents, related to the staff of your company.
  • Charge and payment of employees` remuneration
    We completely take the responsibility of the formal and time consuming processes for calculating and paying the remunerations and social securities of your employees.
  • Preparation and forming of the reporting documents to the state institutions
    In order not to have to hire employees that you need to prepare documents for and reports in front of the state initiations and are related to the administration of your staff, we offer you our full assistance. Leave us deal with all activities, related to documents registration, related to employees management towards the state institutions, as well as the preparation of the month reports and accounting reports that should be duly submitted on time in the separate institutions.
  • Termination of employment relations
    Dismissing employees is not amongst the easy management solutions, but if the decision has been already taken, you can count on us to be fulfilled in the most favourable way, for you, as well as for the employees, without getting to court processes or other problems.

Why us?

  • HR експерти ще ви консултират или изпълняват процесите по преговори за освобождаване на служители или директно прекратяване на трудови договори
  • Рационализиране на процесите по отстраняване на служители от изплащане на заплати и други социални придобивки.
  • Подготвяне на всички необходими документи, свързани с освобождаването на служители
  • HR experts will consult you or will fulfill processes of negotiating for dismissing the employees or directly terminate the employment contracts

Rationalization of the processes under dismissing the employees such as payment of salaries and other social securities.

This is the ideal complete HR solution for your business, because it guarantees you the best and the most motivated employees for you business, and at the same time you are within one reasonable budget frame. In short, at the model of shared responsibility with a professional partner in the area of HR, you have the perfect employees that you need for the business, focused on the unimpeachable performance of the working engagements at the lowest price. How do we achieve this? We just perform our work professionally, and we can guarantee you:

  • Reduction of administrative costs and complication
  • Expert assessment of the human resources
  • Lower costs/higher quality of the stimuli for your employees
  • Safety and full control over the costs
  • Co-partner relations, regarding the working results and achieving targets

Transfer to us the responsibility under the activities, related to your staff on leasing, and you will be able to concentrate on the business strategy and enjoy the success achieved by your employees.

If your business is growing at fast speed, and it becomes more difficult to manage all processes, related to hiring and training new employees, contact us in order to help you achieve business success, thanks to our experience and professionalism.